Vellus machina

Inspiration for Vellus machina came from my work Consumerism as Manifestation of Eugenics. Vellus machina provokes and addresses  the interests of consumers afraid and/or excited about developments in Artificial Intelligence and robotics through the form of an interactive, breathing robot.

To generate the form for Vellus machina, I soaked reeds in water and wove them around a manikin form to create its body. I repeated this process three times to generate the whole form. 

I decided to recreate the first iteration of Vellus machina's form in RhinoCAD and Grasshopper so that I could make sure that Vellus machina would fit on the stand for the Digital Fabrication Studio Research: Unrvl the Code 2016 group show. I also chose to remodel in Grasshopper and Rhino so that I could tweak the original form. 

After I modeled Vellus machina in Rhino and Grasshopper, I laser cut the generated form. I used the generated form to weave the final form of Vellus machina

I decided to wet felt uncarded wool to create Vellus machina's fur. I wanted its fur to be reminiscent of a mammal's. Initially, I wanted the fur to be naturally dyed gray with sunflower heads, but I realized that this was not needed to convey my idea. Instead, I utilized the original coloring of the material. 

To create Vellus machina's change in breathing rate, I worked with engineer to develop a calibration code that caused Vellus machina to breathe slower when touched. The mechanics that caused this movement include an Arduino, conductive fabric that senses touch, and a touch capacitance sensor. 


Femme+Masc is an initial exploration in the use of organic shapes and bright colors to make hand-drafted, gender neutral garments that combat Western associations of the organic/colorful being feminine. 

Moodboard/Text Inspiration and Color Palette for Femme+Masc

I started out my sketches for

Femme+Masc by generating garment designs on female croquis. After generating about 15 designs on a female croqui, I experienced a design revelation. I realized I should be drawing designs on a male croqui. By doing so, I would be able to contradict pretaught notions of where organic shapes and color should exist in garment design. 

Sketches of garment ideas for Femme+Masc

Illustrator flats of final garment design for Femme+Masc
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