For the works r.i.p./rip, Vellus machina, and Femme+Masc, Kirchner explored their traumatic experiences related to their gender presentation and sexuality. In doing so, they hoped to recreate the visceral experiences of their body and to speak to the larger experiences of those considered “anti-human” in society.
Kirchner turned to fiber-based processes to iterate their experiences. The time needed to design and construct fiber objects and the obsessiveness of fiber techniques serve as a parallel for time taken to process and understand the experiences of their body.

r.i.p./rip, 2016, soft sculpture with piecing done only with found fabric, plastic, carpet, and trash, 36” by 68” by 16”

Vellus machina, 2016, 11" by 30" by 15", female manikin, RhinoCAD,Grasshopper,laser cutter,traditional basketry techniques with reeds,wet felting with carded sheep wool, Arduino, servo motor, string, conductive fabric

Do 21st century robots and artificial intelligence systems qualify as living organisms? I explore this question through Vellus machina, an interactive, breathing robotic organism. With the creation of Vellus machina, I hope to push the viewer to question if humanity’s definition of life should change. 

Femme+Masc, 2017, neoprene, lasercut iridescent acrylic, mesh, elastic

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