Erin Kirchner is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in Fiber at the Maryland Institute College of Art (M.I.C.A.). Kirchner is a Digital Fabrication Technician for the Digital Fabrication Studios at M.I.C.A. and was a Design Intern for the Shima Seiki Haute Tech Lab run by Genevieve Dion at the ExCITE Center, Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Other accomplishments include being a 2017 Biodesign Challenge Representative for MICA and a 2016 Barbara L. Kuhlman Foundation scholarship recipient. If you want to learn more about their professional experience, you can view their resume.

 Kirchner's practice stems from materials' reaction to touch, cuts, sewing, dyeing, or programming. Interacting with materials through fiber and digital processes allows Kirchner to understand materials' limits as well as their conceptual potential. Through this collaboration with their materials, Kirchner gains a greater understanding of what needs to be done to develop a sustainable practice that lays the groundwork for future makers. Kirchner utilizes fiber-based and digital-based processes for object-making because the time needed to accomplish these processes gives Kirchner the time needed to process and understand the experiences of their body and oppressed bodies.

Conceptually, this dialogue and collaboration enables Kirchner to create empathy and awareness for experiences of "other" bodies and allows others to imagine new ways of living and existing in space. 

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